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About Crisp N Clean

With decades of International Experience, Crisp N Clean now launched in Dubai – UAE to serve the customers with excellence.

Our mission is clean like our service. We are committed to provide the consumers a fresh, clean and crisp attire that enrich every individual’s daily activities and broaden outlook by enhancing their confidence, may it be a formal business, smart casual or leisure time wears processed by the most experienced and reliable name, Crisp N Clean.

CNC provides affordable and convenient way of getting your laundry and dry-clean done with prime quality.

The processing of laundry and dry cleaning is done in best-class setups with Italian equipment and imported chemicals. We also do laundry with antiseptic wash, fabric softener and hygienic detergents.

Free Pickup N Delivery / Right to Your Door

Enjoy the convenience of having your dry cleaning or laundry picked & delivered directly to your home or office. Whether you’re working long hours, looking forward to spending more time with family, or just trying to enjoy the freedom of one less “thing to do”, Crisp N Clean offers you reliable, time-saving and affordable dry cleaning- right to your door!


What We Do

At Crisp N Clean we work hard on raising standards. Our strong quality control and recognition that customer comes first, makes us a leader in the sector of service industry.

  • Knowledge and experience differentiate us from and other dry cleaners.
  • We take pride in proficiently handling delicate materials.
  • We are experts in fabric and stain identification.
  • We know how to expertly clean your garments no matter what type of fabric, stain, dyes, embroidery or embellishment they have.
  • Garments are thoroughly inspected, properly pressed and carefully packaged to ensure a safe return to your closet.
  • When you use Crisp N Clean, you know you have found the highest possible quality care for your garments.

Committed to Quality

We also understand that each item of clothing is more than just an object – it’s something that you chose and a reminder of what you’ve done and where you’ve been. It’s a piece of you.

In recognition of that, we make the following promise to you that we’ll deliver on…every time.

Every single item of clothing we receive is treated with the highest level of care and attention. We hold ourselves, our employees, and partners to the highest standards, and offer customers an array of options in how their personal items are cleaned.